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Manoj Kumar Upadhyay

Mr. Manoj Upadhyay is an Indian entrepreneur, marketer and inventor, who is the founder, chairman and managing director of ACME Group. Through ACME, he is widely recognized for his innovative and disruptive solutions which resolved the energy issues in several sectors including Telecom, Cold Chain, Power and Environment. He started his entrepreneurial journey with ACME in 2003 and captured over 40% market share of the Telecom Passive Infrastructure sector in India within years.

With his innovative thoughts and risk taking appetite, he ventured into various energy-efficient technologies viz. micro turbines, fuel cells, cooling solutions etc. in US, Canada and Europe and invested heavily in research and development in energy sector. He continued his winning spree and acquired, REIME, a Norway based 100 year old company in 2007 to benefit the energy deficit African countries with his innovative products in Telecom Passive Infra Sector. He pioneered the Indian Solar Sector in 2009 and invested USD 35 mm in setting up India’s first solar thermal power plant and in acquiring technology stake in eSolar, a US based Solar CSP Company founded by Idealab. He forayed into Solar PV in 2012 and with his innovative cost cutting and efficient solutions, ACME managed to create a portfolio of over 700 MWp within 3 years. Recently, he ventured into the energy storage solutions, sensing the need and importance of energy storage with the booming renewable sector. The ambition of his life is to benefiting common people with his innovative and efficient green solutions at affordable price and in contributing in energy security of nation.

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