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Q. How can I track the progress of my application?
We will provide you the unique registration number for future reference.
Q. When can I expect the outcome of my submission?
We will analyze the preliminary information sent by you within 3 months and revert if you get shortlisted
Q. What are the facilities available to the entrepreneur?
We will provide full service office space and back office shared services. Any additional facilities/requirement will be provided based upon the selection.
Q. My idea is not related to Energy Domain. Can I apply?
Yes. We are willing to explore any idea related to technology.
Q. Is there any cap on minimum and maximum investments?
No. However, the funding will be in phased wise manner.
Q. What kind of timeline for commercialization of the product is expected by the management?
We expect it should not be more than six months. However, innovation and commercialization will depend upon the concept which you will be bringing on the board.
Q. What is the security of data/documents provided to you?
We will sign the legal agreement upon shortlisting of the idea.

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